Courtesy DC Fire and EMS Department
Courtesy DC Fire and EMS Department

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Update 6/5: An Osteria Morini spokesperson says the restaurant will be closed the rest of the week and weekend. There’s a chance it could be closed next week too.

A two-story commercial building in Navy Yard caught fire this afternoon. According to Public Information Officer Vito Maggiolo, who was on the scene, the fire originated in the kitchen of Osteria Morini at 301 Water St. SE. “It extended into the duct work and out onto the roof,” Maggiolo says. “It was a labor intensive operation.” 

While the extent of the damage might not be visible from the outside, inside Maggiolo says it’s significant. First D.C. firefighters extinguished the fire in the kitchen and then they exposed all of the duct work to further put out the fire and check for hot spots. 

There were no injuries, according to Maggiolo, who says, “I think the whole building is going to have to be closed for a while because of the water damage. The restaurant, obviously they have issues. The Health Department will have to be called in.” 

A spokesperson for Osteria Morini says the Italian restaurant is closed this evening and is hopeful it will reopen quickly, as early as tomorrow. There are a number of other restaurants in the building including Whaley’s, Ice Cream Jubilee, Agua 301, and Due South

This story will be updated with more information about the extent of the damage and when businesses can reopen. No one has been allowed back into the building to assess the situation further.

The Nationals have games tomorrow and Wednesday, and these restaurants are often go-to places for meals before and after games.