Dacha Beer Garden, still reeling from a month of bad press stemming from a lawsuit and a heated debate about how the business pays its employees, is launching an influencer campaign called #TheNewDacha. 

In an email obtained by City Paper, Dacha co-owners Dmitri Chekaldin and Ilya Alter, together with Designing The District Founder Timur Tugberk, invite people to participate in a launch campaign set to go live on Monday.

“In addition to our VIP membership, we would like to offer each of you $250 in Dacha credit toward your next visit(s) in exchange for 1 static Instagram post and adjacent account shares (Facebook & Twitter),” the email reads. “The story is not required but recommended to further articulate your opinion of #TheNewDacha, as introduced by the static post.”

Also according to the email, those who agree to participate before the deadline of the end of day today will receive further requirements about the posts along with “copy suggestions.” In other words, they’ll tell you what they want you to say about their restaurant on your social media channels. The email came with an attachment (below) that contains a few more details but redacts Tugberk’s personal contact information.

City Paper reached out to both Tugberk and Chekaldin, to learn more about the perks of the VIP membership program and the influencer campaign but did not immediately hear back. This story will be updated should one or both men respond. 

Dacha Beer Garden is currently staring down a lawsuit surrounding the expenses related to supplying their sprawling new Navy Yard location that opened earlier this spring with everything from heavy duty kitchen equipment to plates and glasses. The complaint alleges that Dacha owes restaurant supply company TriMark Adams-Burch $277,453 in outstanding bills. It also accuses the restaurateurs of “fraud, ill-will, recklessness, wantonness, oppressiveness, and willful disregard of Adams-Burch’s rights with evil motive or actual malice.”

It’s unclear whether #TheNewDacha influencer campaign will target only the new Navy Yard location at 79 Potomac Ave. SE. The original Dacha Beer Garden is located in Shaw at 1600 7th St. NW. 

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  #TheNewDacha Influencer Launch Campaign (PDF)

  #TheNewDacha Influencer Launch Campaign (Text)