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Two years ago, we asked City Paper readers to participate in a new contest and sum up life in the District by completing a simple sentence: You are so D.C. if _______.

We received about 500 entries, which highlighted everything from gentrification and the changing dynamics of neighborhoods to local flavors, the music of the District, and the one political figure who continues to loom large, years after his death. Among our favorites from that batch:

  • You organically walk to the beat of go-go music.

  • You eye roll at movies set in D.C. that have skyscrapers.

  • You refuse to go to a museum that requires paid admission, but you’re more than willing to purchase an $18 cocktail. 

  • You’re a D.C. native and can’t afford to live in the neighborhood you grew up in, let alone any other parts of your city. 

This year, we’re bringing the contest back and asking readers to once again fill in the blank. What makes someone “so D.C.” in 2019? 

You can submit as many entries as you want before the contest closes on Sept. 3. And don’t be afraid to get very specific. (For example: “You go to the corner store and buy a pickled egg, sunflower seeds and a big mama hot sausage, put it in a plastic sandwich bag, bite the corner of the bag and eat it out of that small hole.” City Paper’s photographer of 33 years confirms that this is a thing.)

Use the form below to enter the contest. Please include reliable contact information—we might want to get in touch with you if we pick your submission. People domiciled with or related to City Paper staff members are not eligible to enter the contest.

This year, you’ll also be able to enter on social media. We’ll create entry boxes on Instagram Stories where you can privately submit your ideas. If you want to tweet your submissions, tag @wcp and use the hashtag #youaresodcif2019. But just to be clear, if you want to be 100 percent sure your answer is an official entry, you have to use the form here or on Instagram. We can’t promise we’ll catch every tweet. 

The contest runs Wednesday, Aug. 14 through Tuesday, Sept. 3. City Paper reporters and editors will read all the submissions to select 10 winners (who will each get a small but fabulous prize), and a whole lot of runners-up, to be printed in mid-September. We can’t wait to read your thoughts.