Tonight’s your last chance to listen to jazz it the Sculpture Garden this summer (le sigh, it might drizzle), and tomorrow, you can listen to EDM at CityFest (yay, it’s supposed to be beautiful with less humidity).   


It’s a great day to participate in City Paper’s “You are so D.C If …” contest. Readers have until Tuesday, Sept. 3 to complete the sentence. Read about how to participate on the website—but also, feel free to submit your ideas by replying to this newsletter.      

Looking for inspiration? Here are a few of the answers we printed last time we ran this contest: 

  • You are so D.C. if you have a Slack group to discuss messages on your neighborhood’s listserv. 

  • You are so D.C. if you often use “the Shrimp Boat” in your directions when asked how to get from point A to point B.

Are you so D.C. if you email City Desk, correcting the way to abbreviate the District of Columbia? One reader did that. FYI, City Paper’s style is to use D.C., not DC (as the District government does), which is pretty D.C.

We really want to beat 2017’s count of about 500 entries. Thus far, we’ve received more than 300 answers—and we print a lot of them, not just the 10 winners. I’ll add that City Paper staff, who will be judging this, encourage you to be as specific as possible. What does it mean to be so D.C. in 2019? Write us! Amanda Michelle Gomez (tips?


  • ICYMI: 9:30 Club and Anthem co-owner, Seth Hurwitz, charged with solicitation of prostitution. Our story from yesterday has been updated with comment from Hurwitz’s attorney. [WCP]

  • The District’s Human Rights Act protects most workers from discriminaiton, but not nannies and housekeepers. [Post]

  • In transportation news, this city is ranked 3rd in traffic congestion; and H and I streets NW bus lanes got about 300 violations in one day. [Post, DCist]  

  • D.C. college students qualify for discounted Capital Bikeshare memberships. [Curbed

LOOSE LIPS LINKS, by Mitch Ryals (tips?

  • An innocent man spent three months in jail for what police thought was liquid meth in his luggage. It was honey. [Post]

  • Federal prosecutors are waging an unusually public campaign against a D.C. Council bill. [WAMU, Twitter]

  • D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs fined George Washington University $1,000 for failing to keep a sewer line “free of obstruction.” [GW Hatchet]

  • On WAMU’s Politics Hour today: Metro General Manager Paul Wiedefeld and Maryland State Sen. Paul Pinsky. [WAMU]

  • ICYMI: A contract employee with the D.C. government accused a supervisor of sexually harassing her. She was fired. He still has a job. [WCP]

YOUNG & HUNGRY LINKS, by Laura Hayes (tips?

  • ICYMI: Digging deep into the culture of D.C.’s many community gardens. [WCP]

  • D.C. chefs share their go-to comfort food meals. [Post]

  • The best Indian restaurants priced at $25 per person or less. [Washingtonian]

  • A salute to American fair food. [Eater]

ARTS LINKS, by Kayla Randall(tips?

  • The Phillips Collection’s unprecedented exhibition is all about migrations. [WCP]

  • Angie Kim’s Miracle Creek combines legal suspense with family drama. [WCP]

  • Here are the local parks commemorating 400 years since the first enslaved Africans arrived in Hampton, Virginia. [DCist]

SPORTS LINKS, byKelyn Soong (tips?

  • Wayne Rooney’s farewell tour is not going so well. [WCP]

  • Fun story from the Post’s Jesse Dougherty: Pro baseball players (and beat writers) have no idea what day of the week it is. [Post]

  • The Washington Spirit has already sold nearly 15,000 tickets for the match at Audi Field on Saturday. Its usual home, the Maryland SoccerPlex, holds 5,500. [Washington Times]

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