Hangover soup at Gogi Yogi
Hangover soup at Gogi Yogi Credit: Tim Ebner

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The Dish: Hangover Soup

Where to Get It: 1921 8th St. NW; (202) 525-4167; gogiyogi.com

 Price: $15

What It Is: There’s more to D.C.’s first Korean grill-your-own barbecue restaurant than bulgogi and strips of pork belly. If you have a hangover, for example, there’s a soup designed specifically to help you feel better. The fiery, reddish broth is loaded with vegetables, including radishes and thinly sliced sweet onions. The soup benefits from fat imparted by beef ribeye, plus the addition of gochugaru—Korean red pepper flakes.

The soup is a staple Korean dish called muguk, and the recipe comes from Chef Patrice Cunningham’s mother. “She is 100 percent Korean and cooked a lot for me and my family growing up,” Cunningham says. “She put a lot of love and care into every dish, and it was always delicious because of that.”

How it Tastes: On the first sip, this soup practically smacks your tongue with a bold peppery bite. But it’s the beef broth plus garlic and onions that give it a more savory finish. 

Why It Helps: Consider this your base layer to a Korean barbecue feast that’s sure to beat any hangover, big or small. The soup’s vegetables bring your body back to life, but there’s one standout ingredient—daikon radish—which delivers a one-two punch of nutritional and digestive support. “It is packed with Vitamin B6, riboflavin, magnesium, copper, and calcium,” Cunningham says. “It also contains enzymes that assist with the digestive process and helps with detoxification.”

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