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October, 2019

A red hat with white lettering inspires particular fear, especially in downtown D.C. This collection of hulking office buildings and federal icons and museums has long been a dumping ground for tourists, who are now often of the MAGA variety. Though not every tourist wears the tell-tale hat, they’re omnipresent.

But the last game of the World Series is tonight, and a closer look over the last week or so has revealed a growing presence of a different red hat. These hats show team pride—Natitude. 

Many have bemoaned the fact that the Nats’ logo has a nearly identical twin in the Walgreens “W.” But its passing semblance to that other red hat is far more troubling. Some fans opt for the inconspicuous blue-and-white variety, but many rock the bolder red.

A woman on a CVS run wears a red visor. A man pushing a garbage can sports a crisp cap, its sticker still on its brim.

These are the hats that booed the president—who is so accustomed to getting applause and cheers from crowds of people in red hats—at Game 5 of the World Series on Sunday night. Win or lose, hopefully we see more of them around; a reminder to stay in the fight.

Will Warren writes Scene and Heard. If you know of a location worthy of  being seen or heard, email him at wwarren@washingtoncitypaper.com.