Based on our interactions with readers online and in person, we know that City Paper consumers are an intelligent and very curious lot. You’re so curious, in fact, that we rely on you to supply material for one issue every year. That’s right, it’s time once again for the Answers Issue. 

Submit as many questions as you like using the form below. They can be silly or serious, so long as they deal specifically with D.C. We’ll accept questions until Feb. 6, then City Paper staff members will choose our favorites and do our best to answer them. We’ll publish our findings later this year.

Send us your burning questions about street art and bathroom tiles. Ask us about strange trees or traffic patterns or topography. You can even ask us where to find romance, though you’ll have to do the wooing on your own. If you need more inspiration or want to make sure your question hasn’t already been addressed, consult our answers archive