Anthony Cowan Jr. talks to reporters
Anthony Cowan Jr. talks to reporters Credit: Kelyn Soong

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Anthony Cowan Jr. isn’t the type to get too caught up with his own accomplishments or personal accolades. 

On Tuesday night, Cowan scored 19 points in the Maryland men’s basketball team’s 76-67 win over Northwestern to pass Tom McMillen for eighth place on the program’s career scoring list. After the game, Cowan admitted that the milestone probably meant more to his teammates.

“To be honest, my team is probably more into it than I am in terms of passing people and scoring,” Cowan told reporters. “But I’m very appreciative.”

It wasn’t until the conversation turned to a competition off the basketball court that Cowan became animated. It turns out the senior really just wants to go viral on TikTok. Cowan recently posted his first TikTok video and the views underwhelmed him. 

The video, which he posted on Feb. 17, features Cowan wearing his basketball warmups, before it cuts to him in a Maryland basketball uniform. A song from Cinderella plays in the background as part of TikTok’s “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo” challenge. (The Post‘s Emily Giambalvo informed Cowan that TikTok took down the sound to his post.) The short clip currently has around 2,800 views. For comparison, Maryland sophomore guard Aaron Wiggins‘ most recent TikTok video has 37,000 views.

“My numbers wasn’t doing it,” Cowan said. “I wanted it go to viral. Whatever Aaron had, I wanted that. Very disappointed in that. That’s probably the worst thing that’s going on.”

Cowan was joking—probably. But the comments revealed a competition between Cowan and his teammates, and a rarely seen dose of personality from the normally low-key and hyper-focused Cowan.

Maryland coach Mark Turgeon and Cowan’s teammates have praised his leadership all year. And even after big wins, Cowan tends to stay even-keeled. 

“He’s just talking a lot more. He’s grouping us up a lot more, making sure we’re all focused and knowing what to do on defense and offense,” said Jalen Smith, who finished with 22 points and 19 rebounds against Northwestern. “He’s just out there talking for us.”

But when it comes to TikTok, Cowan needs to step up his game.

“Ant’s is just stiff,” Smith said. “I told him I thought he was stiff. And Wiggs is more of a camera guy than Ant.”

“They talk about who gets more views,” he continued. “It’s a crazy locker room for TikTok right now. Everybody’s just trying to go viral. Him and Aaron are in a race to see who can go viral first.”