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D.C. has an angel of death, but it’s not what you think. Nicole Heidbreder, a birth doula turned hospice nurse, gathers Washingtonians at coffee shops for conversation surrounding grief and inevitable death. “There’s always a little bit of death in birth, like two snakes chasing each other’s tails,” Heidbreder reminds us.

The free gatherings, dubbed “Death Cafes,” welcome jokes, tears, and real stories free from judgement. Society tends to measure how one grieves—not enough or way too much. “One thing I’ve noticed is that because it is a room of strangers there’s an emotional distance that allows people to share in a way they might not if they were with friends,” Heidbreder says.

Author Lora Strum attended a Death Cafe at the Potter’s House in Adams Morgan. She encountered 30 strangers who traveled long and short distances to share. One attendee was grappling with the cyclical nature of life and death after losing five pregnancies in three years. 

Ultimately, Heidbreder believes society suffers if its people do not not properly grieve their losses. 

“Grief is a verb,” she says. “You have to write about it, you have to beat pillows, you have to go on walks, you have to talk about it, and, hopefully, there’s a process that happens so we’re a conduit of grief, not a container of it.”

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