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9:30 Club’s quarantine offerings

Chances are that your landlord—and your neighbors—won’t appreciate you turning your apartment into the next big music venue in Washington. And if you’re trying to fill the void that canceled or postponed concerts have left in your calendar, ordering professional sound equipment and belting out your favorite lyrics karaoke-style also might upset those around you. So what is a Washington music lover supposed to do? Well, until 9:30 Club can once again open its doors to artists and fans, the beloved music venue has quarantine content. You can start by testing your city music knowledge with a crossword puzzle. Solve clues like “Shaw-born ‘Let’s Get It On’ Crooner (10 letters)” and “D.C. punk band infamously banned in D.C. (9 letters).” It’s a safe bet that this trivia is more interesting than the course material many local college students will be reviewing on Zoom video conferences. But what do you do if you still want to hear the music that makes the 9:30 Club a place that concert-goers flock to every week? The venue’s staff has released their personal 30-song playlist, “9 x 30: Staff Spins.” Enjoy Post Malone’s “Circles,” Dua Lipa’s “Don’t Start Now,” Porridge Radio’s “Lilac,” or Grimes’ “Delete Forever” off of the recently released Miss Anthropocene. While it won’t quite make up for missing out on the bright lights, packed crowds, and live performances of the Club, some string lighting and a good portable speaker can help you connect to the venue from the comfort (and safety) of your residence. The music crossword puzzle can be found at amuselabs.com and “9 x 30: Staff Spins” is on the 9:30 Club’s Spotify page. Free. —Sarah Smith

Online classes from local colleges

Try this for a silver lining: For the next couple of weeks, you don’t have to lose hours of productivity sitting on the train, stuck in traffic, or listening to your co-worker chattering on about their Riverdale fanfic. Now you can put that time to good use and stave off cabin fever with an online class that will spruce up your resume and enrich your mind. Several D.C.-area universities, including GeorgetownJohns HopkinsUniversity of Maryland, and The George Washington University offer fully online classes that you can enroll in for free. Today, you can start classes on marketing management, cybersecurity, and genes and the human condition at UMD, global business in practice, how the U.S. government works, biomedical data, and bioethics at Georgetown, health care quality and safety at GWU, or data science, health through primary care, and disease clusters at Johns Hopkins. You can also browse hundreds of free classes from Ivy League universities through Class Central. You may not live on the Hill, but channel your inner lanyard-wearer, especially since we won’t have many interns swarming the city this summer. The courses are available at edx.org/school/georgetownxcoursera.org/jhutltc.umd.edu/umd-moocs, and online.gwu.edu/moocs. Free. —Will Lennon

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