Arlington Arts Center’s online classes

Screens can’t raise children alone; occasionally the adults have to step up and take a shift. Good news, parents: There’s relief waiting when you and your children get bored with whatever attention-sapping content YouTube’s algorithms are serving up for kids. Arlington Arts Center is offering art classes with actual artists online for children and adults alike. Mills Brown reads a story about the great painter Jacob Lawrence, for example, while Lia Ferro shows how to make animal patterns at home. In addition to those projects for children, Melanie Kehoss teaches drawing for adults while Stephanie Lane offers a class on experimental painting techniques. With a little instruction, both kids and their parents might find new strategies for seeking entertainment and fulfillment that don’t involve streaming at all. The classes are available at Free—Kriston Capps

Songbyrd Music House trivia

Oh, trivia nights: The lifeblood of young adults, an excuse to binge on appetizers and discounted beer, and the perfect addition to a Washington happy hour. But like happy hours, trivia nights are canceled for the foreseeable future. How then will city residents test their knowledge of The Beatles and Elton John while juggling obscure facts about today’s pop stars? Songbyrd Music House & Record Café is taking its popular trivia nights to the comfort of your living room. Tune in on the first and third Monday of every month to answer original trivia questions—and yes, the venue warns that you should expect some curveballs. A quick internet search shows that Rihanna’s birth name (Robin Fenty), AC/DC’s first lead singer (Bon Scott), and Keanu Reeves’ band (Dogstar) are all popular trivia questions. And it never hurts to memorize the top hits of your favorite artists. (Just in case, Taylor Swift’s top hit is “Shake It Off.”) While it will certainly be hard to prepare, Songbyrd recommends that participants study in advance, using trusty Wikipedia as their guide—this week’s categories are #dcmusic, Home Bodies, Name That Album Cover, Bill Withers, and potpourri, according to their Instagram. This week’s trivia begins April 6 at 7 p.m. on Songbyrd’s Facebook page. Free. —Sarah Smith

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