None of these people are Patrick Kennedy.
None of these people are Patrick Kennedy.

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LL awoke this morning to a subtweet from Ward 2 candidate Brooke Pinto criticizing a fellow candidate who has a “Super PAC funding large efforts for their campaigns.” She took the opportunity to vow not to accept money from political action committees but initially left the candidate she was referring to unnamed.

Pinto later clarified the candidate in question is Patrick Kennedy, and her concern stemmed from the mailers that the pro-charter school group Democrats for Education Reform are sending on his behalf.

In response, Kennedy points out that he is participating in D.C.’s public campaign financing program, which prohibits candidates from taking money from PACs and corporations.

“I’m very secure in where my support is coming from,” he writes in a text. “We have the most Ward 2 donors of any candidate in the race and have raised more money from small dollar donors in the ward of any campaign, by a substantial amount. That aside, I legally cannot and will not get involved in outside spending efforts.”

Pinto is the only Ward 2 candidate not participating in the public financing program.