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Here are highlights from our most recent COVID-19 coverage:

  • Sushi Taro will not reopen as a dine-in restaurant in a post-COVID world. Read more.
  • The D.C. Council will try to compel insurers to pay business interruption insurance following denied claims. Read more.
  • MPD officers will be helping the Fraternal Order of Police’s national effort to track COVID-19 deaths among law enforcement officers. Read more
  • Nurses are happy about increased testing for COVID-19, but concerns over contact tracing, personal protective equipment, and hazard pay persist. Read more
  • City Paper spoke to three sports psychologists who shared their thoughts on what athletes can do to stay mentally healthy and strong during this prolonged downtime. Read more
  • Bowser’s advisory committee, broken up into sectors such as restaurantseducation, public safety, health, and real estate, include many of the usual suspects who hang around the District government—the “highfalutin mucky mucks,” as Rev. Graylan Hagler calls them. Read more
  • How was Whisked! able to open its new kitchen during the pandemic? Owner Jenna Huntsberger helped persuade the Maryland Department of Health to perform its first virtual inspection. Read more
  • What will bars be like in a post-pandemic D.C.? City Paper asked some bar owners what they say patrons should expect. Read more
  • D.C. could join other cities in capping food delivery commission fees during the COVID-19 crisis. Read more
  • The Washington Teachers’ Union was originally excluded from the new ReOpen Committee for schools. Union President Elizabeth Davis‘ invitation arrived late, following pushback. Read more
  • Tables Without Borders taps refugees and asylum-seekers to feed vulnerable local residents during the COVID-crisis. Read more

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We’re here to keep you entertained and moving. 

  • Watch live jazz jams online or catch up with artists at Dance Place. Read more.
  • Watch Sting sing about space, view a different kind of pop-up exhibition, or take a YouTube gallery tour. Read more.  
  • Filmfest DC is offering at-home viewers a free movie festival. Read more
  • Get in on “The Game (Show) of Love” or virtually visit the museum of the Palestinian people. Read more
  • Catch up with Chamber Dance Project or walk through the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s website. Read more

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And now for some throw-back distraction! 

Here are some light-hearted pieces and interesting long reads from our archives to fill your quaran-time. What were you up to this time last year? We were thinking about 7DrumCity, Dan Snyder, and local jazz legend Fred Foss:

You can also digitally flip through our archives on Issuu.