Credit: Mitch Ryals

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LL was riding his bike around Ward 2 Saturday afternoon to check out the campaign sign situation when he happened upon a curious incident.

Near the intersection of Wisconsin Avenue NW and P Street NW, as he rolled past Jack Evans’ home on the 3100 block, LL spotted the former Ward 2 councilmember walking to the corner carrying what looked like a trash can.

Sure enough, LL watched as Evans dumped the can’s contents into the public bin on the corner. He then waited for Evans to walk back inside, and, he is not ashamed to admit, perused Evans’ refuse with a gloved hand to see if he’d discarded anything juicy. Alas, he just found egg shells, paper towels, leaves, and twigs, as well as a few ripped documents. LL is still working to confirm the documents’ authenticity.

With less than two weeks before early voting in the Democratic primary begins, Evans, who is using his familiarity with the District’s finances to boost his election campaign (which he launched shortly after resigning in lieu of expulsion) is technically breaking the law. Dumping private trash in a public can is illegal, and Evans could be subject to a fine. But skirting the law is nothing new for the Council’s erstwhile parking scofflaw.

Evans did not answer phone calls or respond to an email seeking comment.

As for campaign signs, Ward 2 is saturated. During LL’s very unscientific survey, he spotted signs for seven of the eight candidates (he couldn’t find any signs for Daniel Hernandez) on the Democratic primary ballot planted in tree boxes and front yards, and plastered on street and light poles throughout the ward. Many of Evans’ signs are posted too high for even Wizards center Anžejs Pasečņiks to reach. LL assumes that’s to stop sign vigilantes from yanking them down.